About the Practitioner

Kristin Degnon

Kristin Degnon has worked in the health and wellness field for over 20 years.  First in the physical therapy field and, after having four children,  as a conditioning specialist, owning an outdoor fitness company, encouraging health and wellness through exercise.  Kristin was experiencing some "health problems" and turned to the medical community for help,  seeing over 12 specialists with no answers to why she was feeling so bad.  Kristin finally went to an acupuncturist as a "last effort" and within 10 minutes he had some answers for her.  Working with this doctor was so inspirational  that Kristin decided to become a practitioner of Acupuncture.  Kristin cannot put into words what studying Acupuncture was like, but she can say that is has been life changing.  "What a gift it is to learn about this amazingly powerful medicine and to watch it work on my patients and to feel it work on myself."

"Mind, body, spirit, always connected, working together to influence who we are in this world.  We all have a special, unique path to travel, one full of love and joy, hopes and dreams, challenges and victories.  I am honored to work with you and beside you as you travel your path to wellness, balance and your true destiny."

​                                                                                                             In Health,   

                                                                                                                        Kristin Degnon  M.Ac, L.Ac,  NADA Specialist